Our Services

We offer a broad range of solutions that combine our skills in networking and computer repair. From setting up a home office network to removing tricky malware, our services can be delivered in your home or at our office to best fit your needs.

We offer in-home service for Home and Small Office networks. Whether you have multiple users and devices or multiple computers, we will set up and configure your network for efficient data access and sharing. 

Having issues with your PC? We’ll diagnose the issue and repair it at an affordable price. 

We offer hardware and software installations. If you don’t have a part you need, we can order it! We will also configure any software, especially tricky OS installs.

We can migrate your data from old hard drives to new ones so you can increase your storage or upgrade your hardware.

We have years of experience dealing with nasty computer viruses and malware. If you suspect your PC might be infected, bring it in so we can determine a diagnosis.

The Importance of Preventative Care

Like many other things we use day to day, computers see constant wear and tear from being used. Downloading files, clicking on malicious links, or allowing dust to settle inside the case can all cause your system to slow down. Lonestar Performance PC offers system tune up services to help you bring your computer up to speed and perform like new.

Benefits of Networking

If your business or home has more than one computer or mobile device user, chances are you could benefit from networking them! While one computer is useful on its own, multiple computers in a networked environment can be much more beneficial and efficient for your business and even your home. A networked environment makes it easier to collaborate with others and share files easily between users. Networks also offer security and the benefit of remote access so you can utilize your data on the go.

Tailored Pricing

Our pricing estimates are provided up front before services are rendered so there are never any surprises!
We’ll diagnose to verify the issue and tell you what it costs to fix.